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Are You Paying the Correct Work Comp Premium?

There are many factors that contribute to your company paying the correct work comp premium. Below are considerations you must be thinking about when purchasing work comp insurance. 


INCLUDES wages, salaries, commissions, cash payments to subcontractors, bonuses, vacation, holiday and sick pay, straight pay for overtime hours, market value of lodging provided, market value of gifts, and all other substitutes for money.


  • Overtime pays in excess of straight pay for the employee. Put the overtime excess payroll in the box marked “Overtime Excess.”
  • Payroll of owner of sole Proprietorship; or husband and wife Employer if joint ownership is NOT a corporation or partnership.
  • Payroll for corporate officers, partners, or member managers of LLC if specifically EXCLUDED BY CURRENT ENDORSEMENT to the policy.
  • Wages of subcontractors that provide you with a valid Certificate of Workers’ Compensation coverage.


INTERIM RATE (Actual Rate You Pay per $100 of Gross Payroll)

The RATE listed on your payroll report or policy is an adjustment to company base rates and already includes the competitive rating credits/debits, which apply to your policy. This rate may include an Estimated Premium Discount, which is based on an estimate of your payroll/premium for the policy. Your final bill will use company base rates, apply competitive rating credit/debits, and calculate a Final Premium Discount for your policy. If ESTIMATED payroll DIFFERS FROM ACTUAL PAYROLL, final Premium Discount can change at FINAL billing after audit, and may result in premium due or a refund.



To calculate premium due for each classification, multiply the gross annual payroll by your interim rate as a percentage. Always deduct excluded remuneration before calculating.



If the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau, NCCI or your state jurisdiction issued an experience modification (XMOD) for your policy (must meet and maintain 3-year premium threshold), you should have been notified by an endorsement. The XMOD will appear in the Experience Modification section of the payroll report or on your policy declaration. Please multiply the XMOD by the gross premium amount to calculate total premium due for the reporting period.



UNLESS SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED by endorsement, officers or partners are covered for benefits. Payroll should be reported, subject to minimum and maximum remuneration per annum for each officer or partner. The minimum and maximum payroll amounts for most recent years are as follows:

Policy Year                                      Minimum Payroll                          Maximum Payroll

2020                                                       $54,600                                                 $139,100

2021                                                        $54,600                                                 $139,100



Certain construction classes are divided into multiple codes depending on the regular hourly wages paid to an employee. Report payroll according to the wage level indicated on the front of your payroll report or declaration page. The wage thresholds may change from year to year and are subject to verification at time of audit.



To exclude contract workers from reported payroll, a valid license (when required) and a valid Certificate of Workers’ Compensation coverage MUST be available and shown to auditors (at time of audit) to avoid additional premium charges. Contact our office if you have any questions about contractor (1099) / employee (W-2) status.



ANY CHANGES in operation MUST be reported in writing to the Insurance Company immediately. Any additions, changes or updates of a classification, including 8810-Clerical and 8742-Outside Sales, must be approved, and endorsed on your policy by the Insurance Company before the payroll report can be processed and the classification allowed. To request any of the below, contact our agency at 877-994-6787.

  • A new classification,
  • a change in operations,
  • change in ownership,
  • or other changes such as officers, location, etc.


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