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Are Your Records Prepared for Your Work Comp Audit?

It’s been said that “Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement.” Your thoroughness in preparing for your work comp audit will determine the success of your outcome.

It is imperative that you, as the owner of the business, oversee all documents provided to the auditor. For example, do not simply have the auditor work with your bookkeeper without inspecting the final documents provided to the auditor. Over the years, we have experienced many incorrect audits because the bookkeeper did not provide the correct records.

You will want to have these records prepared as they are normally REQUIRED to complete your audit:

  1. Gross Payroll Journal / Employee’s Earnings Records minus excluded remuneration.
  2. General Ledger / Canceled Checks / Cash Disbursement Journal / Check Register.
  3. Clerical / Salespersons form completed by a principal of your company.
  4. State Quarterly Wages and Withholding Report (Form DE6 and DE6B).
  5. Employee’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return (Form 941).
  6. Form 1099 if applicable
  7. Sub-Contractor Verification form with Contractors License Numbers
  8. State Report of Independent Contractors Form DE542.
  9. Copies of Certificates covering any Sub-Contractors work attached to Sub-Contractor Detail Sheet (Form 6090). Any subcontractor for which this completed information is not provided at the audit will be included for premium purposes.


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