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How the Pandemic Has Changed Workers Comp

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people now work. Safety and Social distancing guidelines have required employers to enable employees to work remotely from their homes when possible. Even after a vaccine is commonplace and we get back to a “new normal,” the work from home trend will not necessarily end. Business leaders believe…

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Fighting Workers’ Compensation Audit Overcharges

                Fighting Workers’ Compensation Audit Overcharges Lack of Attention A large majority of workers comp policies renew on January 1st. We hope these tips help you as an auditor will be contacting you soon if they haven’t yet. Workers’ Compensation costs are a major expense item for most businesses today. Although most businesses focus on…

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2020 CA Owner Minimum/Maximum Payroll

If you are an owner of a company that carries workers compensation insurance to protect your employees for medical injury and lost wages while on the job, you may or may not be covered. If you are not sure, ask your agent/insurance company or call me at 951-239-4494. If you ARE covered for workers comp…

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AB-5 Worker status: employees and independent contractors

Assembly Bill (AB) 5 will begin to impact the California workers’ compensation market on July 1, 2020. We’d like to help you prepare by sharing with you what we know about the bill, and the initial steps we’re taking to prepare to implement it. (Note that AB 5 impacts work comp policies beginning July 1,…

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