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Correct Comp is a Division Of Stromsoe Insurance Agency who provides dedicated, trained professionals to address the needs of employers and employees to make sure your business is paying the lowest cost for workers comp insurance.

Claims will happen. Through our experienced guidance, you can be assured the process will get your employees back to work quickly, minimizing your downtime and lost production.

Correct Comp is a leading provider of proven work comp, bottom line results for employers since 2001.

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In most states, workers’ compensation is absolutely necessary for any Business that has one or more employees. Correct Comp can help you with these requirements as well as understand your industry specific needs so we are able to place you with the right carrier or program. Of course, SAVING your business money is always our first priority along with making sure your employees are covered for all perils on the job.

Whether you are a small or large thriving business looking for a better work comp program to lower your overall work comp cost, Correct Comp is your solution

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