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Why You Need Human Resources for a Small Business | Part 1

Like most small business owners, you’re used to handling all business activities yourself. This includes all human resources tasks. In fact, 54% of small businesses handle HR in house, but owners usually give HR work to staff with little proper training and knowledge to manage employees and properly administrate HR.

If you have over 20 staff, it’s not enough for you to give HR work to someone in finance or operations. Creating your own HR team can improve employee experience and free you to focus on your business.

Improve Your Business with Human Resources Support

HR personnel are experts in handling HR issues, including employee relations and motivation. Your own HR team not only helps you follow employment law; it ensures the health and safety of your staff.

Your HR team can develop policies that lead to employee well-being and engagement, too. The employee satisfaction that HR managers help you create is vital for small business success.

What Is the Role of HR Personnel, Exactly?

Your HR team helps with far more than just dealing with difficult employees and handling employee complaints. They can help you create conditions where staff thrive.

Here are some typical roles your HR department will play.

Ensuring Compliance with Employment Law

HR makes sure your business obeys all local, state and federal employment laws. That includes handling I-9 documents that prove U.S. citizenship for each employee. HR also tackles labor laws. Those include the Family and Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

They maintain employee files, too, making sure all paperwork is always in order. Some paperwork you may need on your staff includes resumes, proof of education and training, work reviews, tax and medical records and more.

You’ll need more documentation if your employees have disabilities or other special needs. Letting your properly trained HR team handle these issues protects your business and helps your small business avoid costly legal problems.

Hiring & Retaining New Employees

Great employee experiences begin with the hiring process. HR works with you to manage hiring new employees. They can also assist with creating methods to attract and recruit the best talent for your business. This includes:

  • writing job descriptions
  • ad placement
  • resume and application gathering
  • interviewing and reference checks
  • job offers

The role also includes managing layoffs and terminations. These procedures have employer regulation implications that HR staff know how to meet.

Employee Training & Development

A positive employee experience goes beyond hiring. How your company onboards, trains and develops employees are key to employee retention. These activities also build your brand reputation as an exceptional employer.

Human resources implements practices and procedures and develops employer-specific resources. They put the best orientation, education and training, and career planning tools in place. They also bring in the right professionals to help. This ensures employees get what they need to stay happy and productive at work.



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