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Why You Need Human Resources for Your Small Business | Part 2

Like most small business owners, you’re used to handling all business activities yourself. This includes all human resources tasks. In fact, 54% of small businesses handle HR in house, but owners usually give HR work to staff with little proper training and knowledge to manage employees and properly administrate HR.

If you have over 20 staff, it’s not enough for you to give HR work to someone in finance or operations. Creating your own HR team can improve employee experience and free you to focus on your business.

Improve Your Business with Human Resources Support

HR personnel are experts in handling HR issues, including employee relations and motivation. Your own HR team not only helps you follow employment law; it ensures the health and safety of your staff.

Your HR team can develop policies that lead to employee well-being and engagement, too. The employee satisfaction that HR managers help you create is vital for small business success.

What Is the Role of HR Personnel, Exactly?

Your HR team helps with far more than just dealing with difficult employees and handling employee complaints. They can help you create conditions where staff thrive.

Here are some typical roles your HR department will play.

Compensation & Benefits

This is another area, if not done professionally, that can lead to woes for small business owners. HR personnel are trained in handling employee compensation and, if applicable, federally mandated employee benefits. HR assists in managing important tasks related to paying employees. This includes employment taxes, Unemployment insurance and Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Human resources works with outside specialists on different aspects of employee compensation and benefits. This can include timekeeping, payroll, life, health and disability insurance, and retirement planning. They also manage the costs of payroll and benefits, taking those tasks off your busy hands.

Creating and Updating Employee Handbooks

Your employee handbook is critical to managing staff and avoiding costly litigation. It’s where you share your firm policies, practices, and procedures in writing. Besides your code of conduct, the handbook should also cover important rules. Some examples are diversity and anti-discrimination, sexual harassment, hiring, discipline and complaint reporting methods.

This worker’s playbook answers staff questions and helps prevent misunderstandings. It’s also a tool to communicate your company’s mission, vision and core values. human resources can manage your employee handbook if you have one or help you develop the all-important tool if you don’t.

Handling Performance Reviews

One stressor that small business owners experience is conducting performance reviews. HR helps remove barriers to positive employee relations by overseeing this function. That includes employee evaluations, annual reviews and exit interviews.

The extent to which they handle this depends on the size of your business. But HR personnel are authorities in determining what those measures should be. They can conduct this process in a way that preserves a positive employee experience, too.

For example, HR can give employees tools and training to improve performance and productivity. HR also helps you track staff’s professional advancement, so your employees grow. This helps with retaining the best talent.

How Do I Set Up HR for a Small Company?

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