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Your bottom line and your net profit health is our primary focus. To assist with the strength and well-being of your bottom line, the reduction of the “expense ledger for workers compensation” is the primary goal. All of the this begins with our Triple E formula. Let’s get started today.  Call us at 1-877-994-6787


Review your workers compensation program top to bottom

  • Assure your employees are classified properly
  • Review past claims history
  • Assure your current carrier is the best for your business
  • Survey claims history for open claims
  • Help you understand the importance of forecasting your true cost


Offer advice, tools and resources on how to limit and manage claims

  • Assure safety practices are being utilized
  • Access to our exclusive HR program-based on employee size
  • Why an affective injury & illness program are critical
  • Help you understand how an audit process should work


Take a total approach to claims management from hiring practices, risk assessment, loss control, audits, to return to work programs

  • Setup and effective human resource program for your business
  • Review your experience modification with you to make sure it is Correct
  • Review your most recent audits to assure there are no errors
  • Help you install a world class hiring system
  • Implement our proprietary Correct Comp service calendar in your business

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Start getting your Workers Compensation program back where it belongs TODAY!