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Archive for September 2021

The 4 Cyber Attacks Business Owners Need to Watch Out For

More and more purchases are being made online and this transition to a post COVID-19 way of doing business means that safeguarding your company and customer data from cyber attacks is a must. The first step to protecting yourself and your business is to educate yourself on cyber threats. Here are four cyber-attacks to be…

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The Right Way to Insure Your Rental Property so Your Claim is Paid

Do You Need Rental Property Insurance if You Have Homeowners Insurance? It depends on how long you intend to lease the property, but in most cases homeowners insurance won’t be an appropriate substitute for rental property insurance. Having tenants on your property brings on unique risks that may not be covered by your typical homeowners…

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14 Work Comp Audit Questions, Answered! | Part 1

A work comp audit is the examination of a policyholder financial and payroll records after the expiration of a policy. This process is done to determine the accuracy of the estimated premium when the policy was started. The number one way to fly through an audit is to be prepared! You should always connect with…

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Essential Car Insurance | Rear End Damage

Car Insurance Scenario A squirrel crosses the road in front of you — and naturally, you stop. Unfortunately, a lead-footed, tail-gating motorist slams into you from behind. While the squirrel is unscathed, the rear end of your vehicle is heavily damaged. What should you do about rear end damage? How Much Does it Cost to…

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Non-Profit Spotlight: Boys & Girls Clubs of North County

Our community is full of incredible people and organizations out making a difference for others! In this month’s Non-Profit Spotlight we’d like to recognize the Boys & Girls Clubs of North County! In 1962, several business leaders started what was known as the Boys Club of Fallbrook to provide a place where boys could gather…

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